What is the importance of cleaning your sex doll after use?

 What is the importance of cleaning your sex doll after use?

Sex dolls need to be washed more often. The things we use on a daily basis needs cleaning and a silicon doll is no exception. If you are not taking proper care of your doll, you are inviting a lot of headache and problems for you. Therefore, you need to clean your doll with warm soap and water solution to keep it free from bacteria and other infections. The doll will not suffer. You will be the sufferer. If bacteria build up takes place, you can get infected with lot of sexually transmitted diseases. Websites like Your Doll provides cleaning instructions on the manual which you need to follow.

Here shortlisted are many reasons why it is essential to clean up your doll.

  • To keep it free from bacteria– You think that using your doll twice or thrice at a row is not a big deal? If you think it this way, you are actually creating a mess out of you. Make sure you clean your doll with warm soap and water solution to prevent bacteria build up inside the orifices of your doll. If your semen remains inside the holes of the doll and you keep it away without cleaning, you are welcoming a pain for yourself.
  • To prevent STI– One of the fatal diseases is STI and you enhance the chances of it by ignoring the cleaning part. Cleaning has to be done thoroughly. If your doll is used by your friend, make sure that you clean it twice if needed. You friend might be the bearer of STI infection and you may not be aware of it. However, you should not allow your doll to be used by anyone. Do not inform others that you have a small sex doll because your friends might want to try out and you won’t be able to deny!

How to clean your dolls?

Cleaning your doll takes 5 to 10 minutes if you have the right apparatus. Buying a doll is a huge investment and therefore it is important to wash them so that you can enhance the look and provocativeness of the doll. You can make use of vaginal irrigators to clean the orifices and vagina of your doll. Do not use any harsh chemicals. A bucket of warm water, mild soap solution and a loofa is sufficient to clean up your doll.

Once you finish cleaning, make sure that the doll is completely dried. Make use of a non-grating fiber to dry the doll. Once the doll gets dried up completely, you can apply some body spray or baby powder to keep the skin soft. Using baby powder is essential because it prevents the skin from becoming scruffy and untidy.

These are some of the tips that you can use to clean up your skinny sex dolls. You can also buy separate heads and face for your doll to change the appearance as per your sex doll obsession and desires.


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