Online dating sites could help gay men accept their sexual orientation

 Online dating sites could help gay men accept their sexual orientation

Online dating sites could help gay men come to terms with their sexual orientation; explore new sexual possibilities and assertive communication styles.

Gay men have similar experiences to other groups with – online dating, but they also have specific experiences associated with their sexual interests and the stigma that still affects homosexuality.

Some gay men shared their experiences with researchers about their online dating and said it hadn’t affected them significantly. However, that group was the minority. On the other hand, the majority indicated that online experiences had changed the vision of themselves and others.

The study consisted of 36 gay men. Thematic analyzes and interview transcripts were used. Using these methods, it was found that several people had reported that online dating had increased acceptance of their sexual orientation. And they added that the availability of sexual partners also helped them increase their self-confidence about sex in general.

Facts about online dating used by gay

  • One of the participants stated that their online experience decreased their internalized homophobia, as it provided a space to explore their sexuality. Other participants made similar comments.
  • According to the researchers, these results suggest that many of these men’s internalized homophobia was acquired while they were growing up and that it can, to some extent, be minimized or eliminated by their social and sexual experiences facilitated by the Internet.
  • However, some gay men also reported that their online experiences hurt them. According to them, they got hooked on online dating sites, and that obsession has become problematic. One of the participants said that he felt like a fool to spend all day in front of the computer screen instead of taking advantage of the beautiful weather outside.
  • Additionally, some of the subjects also reported that their online experiences have not been good. In particular, due to the use of false images or suspicious profiles
  • Unlike other more optimistic assessments of Internet use, this study found that the Internet provides a satisfying experience, presenting what appears to be a world of half-truths, deception, and dishonesty.


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